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Hey there, fellow beer lover! Welcome to Norfork Brewing Company, where we like to say, "We're not just brewing beer; we're brewing community." Nestled in the heart of the Ozarks in charming Norfork, Arkansas, our story began in a rustic cabin with a homebrew kit and a dream. Our founder, Jason Aamodt, a quirky adventurer with a heart of gold, wanted to create a sanctuary where people could come together, share stories, and enjoy nature's finest brews.

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Jason and the team are on a mission to craft beers that are as unique and spirited as the people who drink them. But we're not just about the beer; we're about community, connection, and celebrating the little things in life. We believe in giving back, which is why a portion of our proceeds goes to local environmental initiatives. After all, we owe our crisp, delicious beers to the pristine waters and fertile lands of the Ozarks.

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Stepping into our Taproom is like walking into a friend's living room—welcoming, cozy, and filled with good vibes. Led by our founder, Jason Aamodt, we've created an atmosphere that's a delightful blend of rustic charm and modern comfort. Imagine savoring a "Scurvy Dog" ale while tapping your feet to live acoustic tunes, or biting into a freshly made pizza that pairs perfectly with our "Black Oak Stout."

But it's not just about the beer and food; it's about the community. Our staff are more like family, always ready to share a laugh, recommend a brew, or even give you a behind-the-scenes tour of where the magic happens. Whether you're a local or just passing through, the Norfork Experience is an invitation to relax, connect, and discover what makes our corner of the Ozarks so special. So come on in, we can't wait to share a pint and a smile with you.


We can four types of beer and we keg a fifth one. If your preference is light and citrusy, you’re sure to enjoy our Scurvy Dog. Like a light bodied, smooth Stout with hints of chocolate and coffee?  If so, our Black Oak Stout is for you.  Subtle and delicious? Easy drinking? Made with our Paw Paw yeast, our Woodsman Pilsner has your name on it. Everyone loves our light and refreshing EZ Ryder—true light beer, brewed by us.  Our Bury Your Nut Brown Ale is worth stockpiling – its available in kegs!

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