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Whats on Tap

Ez Ryder Lager                                              $6.50

Super light American lager - clean - made for everyone!

4% ABV

3 SRM - Light

5 IBUs - Slightly sweet 

Woodsman Pilsner                                        $7.00

Nutty, old world pilsner - clean - bronze - authentic!

6% ABV

6 SRM - Light

18 IBUs - Slightly Bitter

Scurvy Dog Hazy IPA                                     $7.50

Tastes like a grapefruit had a baby and it was a beer!

6% ABV

6 SRM - Hazy

0 IBUs - Spicy but Not Bitter (Ask How!)

Bury Your Nut Brown Ale                             $7.00

Clean, sweet English mild brown ale. Old school!

6% ABV

16 SRM - Brown

25 IBUs - Balanced

Black Oak Stout                                            $7.00

Traditional, light Irish stout - smooth not your Dad's stout!

6% ABV

28 SRM - Dark

14 IBUs - Subtle, Smooth

Cazadora                                                       $7.50

Ginger and pineapple – celebrate deer hunting!

4% ABV

6 SRM - Light

15 IBUs - Sweet with a Bite

Rotator                                                           $7.00

Ask your server for the funky beer we made this week!

Hibiscus Cider                                               $8.50

Made by Black Apple Cidery in Springdale - pure Arkansas!

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Don't Miss Our Flights

Beer Flight                                                 $6/12

Choose your favorite 4, or have all 8 – served in 5 ounce glasses.

Wine Flight                                              $20/40

Choose your favorite 4, or 8 – served in 5 ounce glasses.

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Something to Uncork

WHITE WINE                               Glass/Bottle

Fleuraison Blanc de Blanc                           $7.5/23

Bubbly!  A straightforward champagne – lovely to celebrate!


Honey Bubbles                                              $10/33

Citrus, tangerine, honey and peaches … and its bubbly!


False Bay Chardonnay                                 $9.5/30

Unoaked – clean and light.  A lovely wine from South Africa.


Ivole                                                                $12/36

Summer in a bottle, year round.  Sweet plum, pear and melon in a wildflower bouquet. 


Cares Rose                                                      $9/28

A pretty, simple rose from an ethical winery. 


Luzia de Ripa                                                 $12/36

A lovely Spanish white with hints of lavender.

Bellini                                                             $12/36

Famous from Harry’s Bar – peach and champagne!

Red Wine                                            Glass/Bottle

Bella Vita                                              $6.50/19

A sweet red – lovely and easy to drink.


Les Jamelles Merlot                             $10/33

Fruity, round, light and elegant.


Submission Pinot Noir                           $12/36

Bright, raspberry and cranberries.  Full and firm. 

Fraga do Corvo                                         $9/28

A unique red Spanish table wine – rich and complex.

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Jason’s Margarita                                         $12

Pick your tequila – and transform it with fresh limes – no mixes here!


Mary’s Palomoa                                            $12

Tequila, grapefruit and lime – classic!


Haley’s Sea Breeze                                       $11

Vodka, grapefruit and cranberry juice.  Think beach.

Moscow Mule                                                $9

Titos and fever tree.  Classic


Mojito                                                             $9

Perto Rico’s last rum distillery (Don Q) muddled with limes and mint


Gold Rush                                                      $12

Lemon juice, honey and bourbon

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Have it neat or on the rocks                          

Mix it into a cocktail of your choice + liquor 



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