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Meet Our Beers

We take great pride in the beer we brew here on the picturesque White River. Local Beer. The way nature intended. 

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EZ Ryder 


We welcome you to enjoy this light, crisp and clean beer. It is true that the lighter beers are harder to make and we believe they are more subtle in flavor. Look for notes of the grain - a little rice from the delta plays a sweet note. The experience of this beer is like the Ozarks - approachable, and more complex than it appears, at first!

EZ Ryder Light Lager Can
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Woodsman Pilsner Can

Woodsman Pilsner

My Friend! Pilsner, as you know because you are holding this can, is a style that is the beating heart and soul of beer. From the beer purity laws of 500 years ago, to today, this beer reflects the spirit, complexity and discipline of centuries of efforts to refine a flavor into a golden liquid that delights on its own, while paring well with - anything. This effort in reflecting the true spirit of a Pilsner style beer delivers - let the liquid linger on your tongue and savor the complex hops that highlight this beer. Prost!

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Scurvy Dog


Hello Friend! We are proud to call ourselves the brewers of Nature’s Beer®. This hazy IPA is born from the clean, clear water of the Ozarks and brewed with the finest grains the Midwest has to offer. We pulled out a number of stops with this beer - it has no bitterness but it is and IPA. And it looks and tastes like a refreshing citrus drink. Stop by our brewery, and we might tell ya how we did it!

Scurvy Dog IPA Can
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Black Oak Stout Can

Black Oak 


This beer is named after a town in Arkansas and a legendary Southern Rock band.  Most of all, this beer honors the band’s bassist, our friend Andy Tanas.  Andy keeps tearing it up across the South.  Come listen to his sweet tunes in our Taproom, or anywhere else you are lucky enough to find him.  And have a beer.  This beer.  It is a smooth stout, lighter than you think, with tones of chocolate and coffee.  Just like Andy – this beer always finds the right note.

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Ozark Shandy

Hello friend. We love summer. We love fishing. We love floating the river. Any river. Every river. We love beer. We love the Ozarks. We love lemon. This is all coming together -this is lemon beer. We packaged this in a can holder that biodegrades and won’t hurt wildlife. You can even use the can holder to start a fire – its all paper. Shore lunch anybody?

If you can’t take us fishing, take this beer. Fish are best caught while drinking this beer. This is summer.

This is your summer beer.

Ozark Shandy Can
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Cazadora Fall Ale

Cazadora De Ciervos 

Cazadora is a celebration of the harvest.  It is a celebration of hunting - a primal harvest.  We hunt in Arkansas.  Last summer, Jason vacationed on the Yucatan peninsula and fell in love with the flavors.  The pineapple, coconuts, the sea air, the cenotes and pyramids.  Jason choose the emblem of the Day of the Dead because it is a celebration of the harvest and it celebrates the pungent pineapple that Jason sources exclusively from Las Americas supermarkets – Mexican pineapple is sweeter!  Let’s come together and celebrate flavor, to the merging of ideas, to harvest!

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Burry Your Nut Brown Ale

Hello Friend! Brown ales are often overlooked - they are thought of as “brown” - not interesting. This is not that beer - the beer shows hues of red and amber, and is so subtly prepared that the notes of caramel grains swirl with Old English hops, delivered directly from across the pond to our little Ozark brewery. The sourcing of ingredients, and the care with which we use them creates a sparkling, vibrant, colorful beer that will be something you will savor and squirrel away for a relaxing day (sorry, we couldn’t resist)!

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